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October 2017

 These myths have got to go!

I spend a lot of my time debunking myths about public speaking. I can't believe that in 2017 some of these are still being passed off as "conventional wisdom" to unsuspecting clients. But they are. Read my blog to find out the two things you need to stop doing TODAY to become a better speaker.

Another thing you can do is work with me at my fall Executive Communications Skills: One-Day Blitz! More info here.

Tips you can use!
Three points or you're out!
Make only three main points per speech. Any more and the audience won't remember or follow what you're saying. If you have several points to make, see how you can chunk them into three broader categories. Your message will be "stickier" that way!

Get the words in your mouth
Practice might not make it perfect, but it helps a lot!  You need to say what you're going to say: get in in your mouth. It sounds obvious, I know, but how many times have you heard speakers stumble over or mispronounce words? These things get cleared up by actual physical practice, not just reading your speech over in your head.

Don't fade into the background
If you will be giving a speech where you'll be on a stage or a dais with a backdrop, ask what color it will be. You don't want to show up in your signature black outfit only to realize you'll be standing in front of a black drape, do you? Add this question to your list as you gather info about other venue specifics (size of room, podium vs. lectern, type of mic, etc.).